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  • it's instant problem-solving.
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  • informational queries.
  • personalized recommendations.


Automated Conversations and Counting

Start Conversation With Your Visitors

Create AI Chatbot

Create two distinct bot types with ease. Our intuitive block structure allows you to craft complex rules swiftly, enhancing your chat system's efficiency.

Instant Connection

Seamless integration across Website, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger, bolstered by cutting-edge AI capabilities. Our advanced multi-channel system enhances connectivity and efficiency and introduces intelligent automation for unparalleled communication.

Run Campaigns

With BluChatbot, you can automate the sending of WhatsApp to your list of contacts, configure the sending speed, and modify the content of the message even if the campaign is active. You can send text, photos, videos, etc... whatever you need.

Create a Custom Chat Flow

Create a Custom Chart Flow according to your business needs. Train chatbot conditionals personalized replies by creating chat flows. Elevate your customer experience, effortlessly streamline interactions, and step into the future of efficient communication with our powerful solution enriched by AI integration.

Improve Your Business' Customer Experience and Save on Support Costs


Create conversational sales Support.


Get real-time updates and troubleshoot queries easily.


AI-powered bot to connect with influence& support students.


Travel planing to reminders and Support.

Food Services

Manage Orders, reservations, feedback and queries.

Banking and FS

Secure transactions, notifications, KYC validation.


Easily Manaage Inventory, updates and database

Make Every Channel Count


Extend your reach to customers on WhatsApp, enhancing their interaction through features such as order tracking, appointment scheduling, product discovery, and more. Elevate their experience and maximize your connectivity.


Transform your website experience with a Generative AI-powered Assistant that ensures instant and agile support, bid farewell to slow response times. Available 24/7, it's designed to engage and support your web visitors like never before.


Forge robust customer relationships, reduce support costs, and streamline customer service contact with Messenger. Make it effortless for customers to connect with you in the blink of an eye.


Explore, Engage, Elevate – Empower Your Conversations with our conversational AI solutions.

#1 Conversational AI Chatbot

The Future of Customer Service

Embarking on the BluChatBot journey is a breeze. Choose between two bot options: standard or AI bots. Both are adept at addressing customer queries and guiding them to the appropriate channels, presenting ideal solutions for your business needs.

Significant achievements experienced by our clients

Bluchatbot's Proven Results


Customer return rate for WhatsApp-based commerce




Faster response times to customer queries

#1 Conversational AI Chatbot

Why Choose BluChatBot?

The Future of Customer Service is Here

AI Driven Responses

Intelligent and personalized interactions

Platform Integration

Works with your existing business systems

Customizable Chat Flows

Tailored to your business needs

Build Lasting Customer Relationships

How BluChatBot Boosts Your Business


Create two distinct bot types effortlessly. Craft complex rules swiftly, enhancing your chat system’s efficiency.


BluChatbot is an extension of your team, managing routine tasks, and allowing your staff to tackle more customer queries efficiently.


Designed for excellence, BluChatbot offers a user-friendly interface, robust features, and scalability to propel your business toward success.

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What Our Users Say

Join Small Businesses Thriving with BluChatBot

Rebeca Zelaya

Mexico City

Beauty and Hairdressing Shops, we integrate Bluchatbot. I have been asked to write my experience with Bluchatbot so that other users who are thinking of using whatsapp in their companies to communicate with their customers, and so they have a reference of how it went. Read more

Andrés Aymerich

Valencia (Spain)

National car wash chain. As a national company with many points of sale, we were looking for a solution to help us manage our WhatsApp channels. Read more

Joao Estrada

Lisbon (Portugal)

Appointment reminder for medical clinics. We are a medical clinic that used to send appointment reminders by SMS and we wanted to send it by Whatsapp, they made us the integration of the Bluchatbot API Read more

Mauricio Montero

Guadalajara (Mexico)

Hello our organization was looking to send daily by whatsapp religious content to their followers such as prayers, photos, videos, audios. Read more

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BluChatbot: A Decade-Long Pioneer in AI, Offering Cutting-Edge, Innovative Solutions to Global Brands.

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Our Generative AI-first approach and expert implementation set our partners apart with exceptional customer experiences.

Proven Scalability

Trusted by major brands for scalable support and engagement.


Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Our chatbot provides immediate assistance, helping you solve problems and find solutions in seconds.

BluChatbot is an AI chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to engage in conversations with users. It can understand and interpret natural language, providing instant responses and assistance.

An AI chatbot processes user messages, uses natural language processing to understand context, and responds with relevant information or actions. It learns from interactions to improve its responses over time.

Bluchatbot seamlessly integrates with popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger, Website etc. This wide-ranging integration allows for efficient and versatile communication across these major platforms.

While AI chatbots excel at handling routine and repetitive tasks, they complement human agents rather than replace them. They free up human agents to focus on complex issues, enhancing overall customer support efficiency.

BluChatbots have versatile applications. They can handle customer support inquiries, provide information, automate tasks, collect feedback, and even engage users in interactive experiences.

Yes, our BluChatbot is designed to understand various languages and dialects. It uses advanced language models to comprehend and respond accurately, providing a seamless experience for users worldwide.